Ecotopian Library
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Each Day, Water,
Elizabeth Phelps Meyer

What's Next?
Linda Weintraub

Whole or Part(ed),
Elspeth Schulze

Water Wars,
Michael Premo

Learning to Love in the Anthropocene, Blair Butterfield

Terry Tempest Williams

The Ecotopian Library is a public toolkit that stems from the belief that art and ecotopian thought can be part of cultivating systemic social change. It combines disciplines of forestry, botany, art, literature, philosophy, and geology. People have contributed stories, objects, digital files, experiences, or books to build a toolkit for more regenerative futures within climate change. Since it is place-based and it travels, it combines local tool sets as it moves. This resource should expand. Please email to contribute!
Ecotopian Library was supported by the Colorado University Art Museum, through a fellowship and exhibition that functioned as a library called Last Library: Reading Rooms, Bridges, and Tools for integrating Ecological Ethics into Practice, in early 2020. CU Boulder's Norlin Library also has a selection from the Ecotopian Library available for checkout. The Ecotopian Library will expand with the Anchorage Museum in the fall of 2020 and highlight tools surrounding the Museum London, Ontario with the GardenShip exhibition in the winter of 2021. Tool sets and books from the Ecotopian Library will be available for checkout at Basillica Hudson, NY with Toolshed in 2021.