Ecotopian Library
Javier Bermejo                              
Las Escaleras, 2011                                                         
Courtesy of the artist and Pico Pao
A maze of ladders in the air, trees, and in the branches themselves, pathways leading to invisible points, and to transparent fruit. Risk, fear, and desire to go far away, to get far off the ground, and then to look back at the path taken inspired Las Escaleras. The game can be played alone or with others: with friends, with enemies, placing a piece in a way that makes it nearly impossible for others to place theirs without making the castle collapse in the air. It is, in every way, a road to nowhere, a circuitous spectacle, a kind of ingenuity, a space walk, and a madness. "We can play at building, at putting scaffolding in the air, moving in all directions, always, fortunately, accompanied by the fear of falling." - Javier Berrmejo