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1825 - present, books and various objects
Works in this section consider several ways to understand the concept of the “commons” as a socio-political system, as public land management and as intellectual content. The commons as a socio-political system looks at how natural and cultural resources are pooled by a community of self-governing subjects who guarantee the sustainability of shared resources. Commons as a land concept includes the atmosphere, ground water and oceans stewarded by people with common aspirations. The term commons can also apply to the free sharing of digital knowledge content. This section examines the historical withering away of physical commons as well as their occasional protection. It includes doctrines on the rights of nature and manifestos regarding the responsibility of humankind. Works in this section consider alternative forms of exchange that challenge trends in privatization. Works consider land trusts, soil and seed use. Several books in this section were selected from a reading lists provided by the Brooklyn Public Library staff and author Peter Linebaugh.